Single-Stage Snowblower


Path - Pro

Up to 9” of snow is no problem for the Path-Pro Series with its reinforced rubber paddles and adjustable scraper bar. Featuring a tireless Ariens® AX engine this single-stage snowblower efficiently plows through drifts. Have a limited storage space? Its folding handlebar allows it to fit in small spaces.


Professional 21

This rugged workhorse is the perfect addition to any commercial snow-clearing fleet thanks to its powerful Ariens® AX 208cc engine and ingenious design elements. Its smart lift handlebar system slides right into your vehicle and an open engine allows for easy access to the oil fill, oil drain, and spark plug.



Perfect for smaller properties, the S18 is our most compact machine - but that doesn’t mean it skimps on power. Its AX 99cc engine delivers consistent quick starts and reliable power to remove up to 39 tons of snow per hour with effortless control. Maximize limited storage space with a quick collapse handlebar.

Two-Stage Snowblower



For effortless agility, while maintaining 100% Ariens® ability, the Compact Sno-Thro® is designed to be easy enough to take out for a light dusting of snow and reliable enough to tackle up to 59 tons per hour if needed. A 2.5X Quick-Turn chute rotation throws the snow where you want it. Its 24” all-steel housing and serrated 11” auger chew through huge drifts with ease.



Built for high-volume workloads, the Platinum Series is loaded with features like heated hand grips, a Super High Output impeller, Auto-Turn Steering Technology, and premium Ariens® engine options. The 14” auger and 21” housing height makes quick work of the deepest drifts. Say goodbye to the snow, but you’ll have to yell since it’ll be thrown upwards of 55 feet away.



The deepest, heaviest snowfalls are no match for this Professional Series’ 420cc engine. A giant 23.5” housing height and 16” serrated auger scarf down mountainous drifts with ease, throwing snow up to 60 feet. You don’t need to be a professional to own one, only the desire to move as much as possible in as little time as possible. Throw like the pros with this machine.



The Classic’s endless appetite for snow starts with its all-steel construction, including a large 11” steel serrated auger. Lightweight and easy to control, this machine was made to handle serious snow removal, throwing up to 59 tons per hour. Interlocking levers let you operate one-handed when throwing snow and driving. This no-nonsense machine lives up to its name.



The Crossover is where two-stage power meets single-stage maneuverability. Its huge 20” housing devours snow while the large 14” wheels deliver plenty of control. Three handlebar heights provide comfort for any user. The hybrid auger touches the pavement, pulling the machine forward so you can move at your own pace to reduce strain and effort even in deep, heavy snow.



One of our best sellers, the Deluxe Series is easy to maneuver and control with standard Auto-Turn™ steering and a huge 14” serrated all-steel auger. A high 21” housing height devours the snow before throwing it up to 50 feet at a rate of 62-72 tons per hour. Tackle the winter with various engines and machine widths making it easy to find the right unit for your property.

Finishing Tools


Power Brush

These power brushes clear slush, sleet, snow, sand, leaves, and more all the way to the ground. A 40° pivoting brush head pushes debris in the direction you want it to go.

Massey Ferguson

Front-mounted SnowBlower


Front-mounted Snow Blower

Tackle whatever Old Man Winter dishes out with Massey Ferguson and Woods® snow blowers in a wide array of sizes and capabilities.